Round 9 – Croft Circuit – Dave
26th October 2016
Paige Bellerby is leading the Super National category at the end of round 1 - Phot/Marcus Andrews Media ©
Mixed fortune for Bellerby RX at Croft
21st March 2017

Paige; Q1 1st, Q2 1st, Q3 1st, leading semi final until drive shaft broke leading to retirement and un able to qualify for the final, received driver of the day award

3rd overall in Super-national British Rallycross Championship

I have had what can only be described as a roller coaster year, finishing on the podium 4 times out of 8 is a huge achievement for me, we unfortunately ran out of luck in the last round this year with drive shaft problems and after winning all 3 qualifying heats and leading the semi final and I’m not shy to admit i was left feeling disappointed however, looking back on the success I’ve had this year, and everything I’ve learnt i now feel more eager than ever to return back in 2017 to take the championship title, which is what i plan on achieving.

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