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August 1998


Northallerton, North Yorkshire


Supervisor at Hummingbirds Nursery

Rallycross background

Drew’s racing began when she was 15 years old, starting on just a quad and a motorbike in the local fields at home.  Soon she decided to progress her driving skills into Rallycross, racing alongside her older sister Paige and dad Dave.

‘I have always been part of Rallycross, watching my dad racing when I was growing up and then my sister as she started in the juniors and it never really appealed to me that I would ever begin to compete as well. However in 2013, I was given the opportunity to compete in the Suzuki Swift Juniors and jumped at the chance. I have never been a big ‘racer’ but for my first time in the car, I loved it. Ever since then I have never looked back and only look to move forward in this amazing sport. I hope to keep on improving my car control and driving techniques in order to move up in the sport and compete amongst a high league of cars.’


At the end of the season in 2014 the Rallycross championship took Drew to Croft, where she was crowned British Rallycross Junior Grandprix Champion after a long day filled battles with 2014 rival Charlie Bean.

In 2014  Drew narrowly missed out on taking the MSA Junior title as she finished 2nd overall.

After a strong fight all year in 2015 Drew had to settle with 2nd place in the championship once again regardless of this she did win the most races out of all the Juniors throughout the year. Though 2015 did not end up as successful as Drew had hoped, the British Rallycross Night of Champions Awards Ceremony presented the young racer with the Maximum attack special award which she was extremely proud to receive.

in 2016 Drew moved up to the Suzuki Swift Sport class, where she competed against many seasoned BRX drivers and finished 8th overall with some good racecraft consistency.

2017 sees Drew change category again, this time to the BMW Mini Rallycross championship, her sights are set on a top place finish overall for the year!