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December 1995


Northallerton, North Yorkshire


Self employed at MG Trading

Rallycross background

Growing up, Rallycross has always been a huge ambition in my life, ever since I can remember I have always had the need for speed, for my 4th Christmas my dad bought me a quad and from there I never looked back. At the age of 7 I had a front wheel drive Micra which I learnt to drive in at the farm I live on,  and at the age of 12 I went on to race a Junior Special grass track car, all of these experiances I loved but they weren’t Rallycross


As soon as Paige turned 14, she jumped straight in to rallycross, competing at every event throughout the year in a 1.0l Mini. Her first year in Rallycross was the most successful as she became the first female to ever win a British Rallycross Championship. In her second year she raced a Suzuki swift junior 1.3l,  overall that year she had managed to comfortably secure third place in the championship.’

At the end of that year Paige turned 16 and was able to move up into the Suzuki swift senior 1.6l, which had been her dad’s swift the previous year, throughout this year Paige continued to make great progress.


2015 proved to be an especially great year for Paige competing in her Lotus Exige for the first time, and after a mixture of results throughout the season, still learning to control the 270bhp machine, with an engine blow and 2x round wins Paige managed to secure 3rd place in the Super national Championship. In addition to this great result Paige received the Most Outstanding Performance Award for 2015.

In 2016 Paige continued to compete in the 270bhp Lotus Exige in the highly competitive Super National British Rallycross Championship, where she finished a highly respectable 3rd place in the championship honours.

2017 sees Paige return again with the Lotus Exige with the sole aim of winning the Super National title and has already won the first round at Croft on 19th March!